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To the otherside..

I know I've been bad at updating this journal with new  Nodame things,but it's because most of the updates are happening at the other side.So if anybody feels like taking a look, you know where to go.^^

[Caps] Nodame Special BTS

The later caps are going to be very spoilery, so don't say I didn't warn you,but for those curious enough to find out,enjoy!^^

zomg!the first part of the SP!

jhdfjskhfsytrhaghgk...I know I'm not making sense,but I actually just finished watching the first part of the SP,in the weirdest way possible,the most unexpected and unplanned manner,in the lowest quality of formats imaginable(thanks to a friend and his trusty webcam).Sure I missed like the first 30 mins of it,but still it was slhgrstjklueijhhgdsfs  OMFG OMFG so amazing..Chiaki's conducting competition scenes,ChiakixNodame rabu...omg I'm just reeling right now so I need to take a breather..but OMG,I had no idea how much I missed watching them on screen,until just now..

Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri doing the requisite promo appearances this morning.^^

Goodbye and Good Night

The SP is less than 24 hours away,and tonight I'm turning in early.So good night everybody,here's to the two great nights ahead of us. ^^


Happy New Year!

It's going to be 2008 for me in a few hours time,so my dear friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

I'm kinda glad I finally started my LJ before 2008 happened..lol.

Various Nodame SP related clips + pics

  • 60 secs SP trailer
  • Tamaki Hiroshi,Ueno Juri & Eiji Wentz at IQSuppli
  • Ueno Juri at Nodame Oke Xmas concert
and a few more.^^
Magazine scans plus caps of Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri on some tv shows (I'm guessing) promoting the SP:

I finally returned today,only to discover that loads and loads more new images from the SP had surfaced on The Net(as I had expected) , thanks to the various magazines featuring it on several articles and the wonderfully dedicated fans who scanned/captured them.Most of the new pics are indeed spoilers for the Special,so don't say I didn't warn you!

Here they are in varying qualities, as an early Christmas gift for all of you.^^ More than 55 images,in 3 parts: